Donation for emergency hospital for coronavirus control

March 2020

To combat the spread of the coronavirus in the Chinese city of Wuhan, several temporary hospitals were built in a very short time. ProMinent China donated two chlorine dioxide systems for water treatment for one of them.

Following the outbreak of the coronavirus in the Wuhan region, the second provisional hospital was already put into operation on 8 February 2020. The Leishenshan Hospital can accommodate 1,500 patients. It consists of 3,300 prefabricated units for the medical isolation area, a lounge area for hospital staff and a logistics area. Even during the construction phase of only two weeks, ProMinent took immediate action:

Two Bello Zon® CDEb systems were delivered immediately. The installation and commissioning on site was carried out by ProMinent China employees themselves and was completed within only three days.

The chlorine dioxide systems are used for the treatment and disinfection of medical waste water and thus make an important contribution to the smooth running of the hospital. ProMinent China had already donated a chlorine dioxide system for an emergency hospital 17 years ago when the SARS virus broke out.

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