Suction lance with continuous level measurement

March 2021

Usually when you least expect it, chemicals run out. With the new suction lance from ProMinent, this is a thing of the past. The lance does not only ensure a reliable removal of liquids, but also monitors the current fill level at the same time.

Prediction of the chemical range avoids production downtimes

The suction lance can be connected to diaphragm metering pumps like the GMXa and GXLa, or the peristaltic metering pump DFXa. It continuously measures and displays the fill level on the pump display, specified in percent or liters, of containers up to 30 liters. Due to this, chemicals can be refilled in time. The full potential can be unleashed when the pump, together with the continuous suction lance, is connected to DULCOnneX, the digital fluid management solution from ProMinent. DULCOnneX monitors and displays the consumption graphically, enabling you to always keep an eye on the container and refill it in time.

Monitoring of conductive liquids

The continuous suction lance captures all conductive liquids with a dielectric constant of over 30. Almost all aqueous acids or alkalis have these values. Therefore, also the commonly used chemical, sodium hypochlorite, can be measured. Based on a measuring distance of 460 mm, the accuracy of the fill level measurement is 2.5%. Individually adjustable warning and error levels allow you to trigger a warning for example at a level of 20% and an error message at a level of 5%.

Location-independent system monitoring in real time

Connected with the DULCOnneX Platform, the digital fluid management solution from ProMinent, the pump, together with the continuous suction lance, can be monitored and recorded in real time. Decisive advantage: The remaining range is always visible - e.g. whether the liquid will remain for two or three more days. The exact duration is being calculated based on the dosing quantity of the pump and the fill level. Therefore, you reliably prevent production or process downtimes due to a lack of chemicals.

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