Clever water recycling with chlorine dioxide

Vapour water at the Crailsheim-Dinkelsbühl dairy is disinfected and then returned to the production process by means of a chlorine dioxide system. The great news is that this significantly reduces water consumption and operating costs.

Fewer costs

The 160 members of staff at the diary "Milchwerk Crailsheim-Dinkelsbühl eG" process around 130,000 tonnes of milk a year, mainly producing tasty cheeses. But the huge amount of fresh water used by many applications, such as rinsing the centrifuges, was always an undesirable factor. What's more, the dairy used to use around 800 litres of peracetic acid a month as disinfectant. By reusing the vapour water generated during production, the dairy now aims to cut costs for fresh and waste water and disinfection chemicals.

Key figures

  • Annual processing of 130,000 litres of milk for cheese production
  • Daily generation of 200,000 litres of cold and hot vapour
  • Reuse of the water vapour by means of disinfection by the chlorine dioxide system

Pure chlorine dioxide

A BelloZon® CDLb chlorine dioxide system

from ProMinent is used to disinfect the vapour water. Chlorine dioxide is an incredibly effective disinfectant that also encourages the breakdown of biofilms in pipes. From thinned hydrochloric acid and sodium chlorite, the chlorine dioxide system produces a stock solution of up to 1,000 ppm, which is temporarily stored in the storage module's tank.

The prepared stock solution is continuously pumped to the individual metering modules by an air-operated diaphragm pump.

An average of 200,000 litres of cold and hot vapour is produced every day in the dairy. From the storage tanks, this is separated using conveying pumps, transported to the metering system BelloZon® CDLb and exposed to chlorine dioxide. The microbiologically harmless vapours treated in this way are stored temporarily in tanks and can then be reused for the mould washing machines and to flush all tanks and pipes, for example.

Water consumption reduced

In comparison to previous consumption, the BelloZon® CDLb consumes around 250 litres of peracetic acid per chemical. If calculated at the standard prices for peracetic acid and acid/lye, the chlorine dioxide system delivers a cost reduction of up to 40%. A similar picture emerges with fresh water consumption, which is also reduced by up to 40% when all the vapour is used. The Crailsheim-Dinkelsbühl dairy's investment in a modern disinfection system has therefore paid off: saving hard cash while making soft cheese!

  • Reliable disinfection of water vapour with chlorine dioxide system
  • Effective reuse of the processed vapour in further tasks
  • 40% reduction in the costs of chemicals

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