SUEZ WTS France increases safety and efficiency thanks to intelligent pump control via mobile app

SUEZ WTS France creates more safety for employees and realises an increase in efficiency in Technical Service thanks to intelligent pump control via mobile app.

Suez Water Technologies & Solutions (WTS) France is part of the international Suez Group, which provides industrial services and solutions. With its experienced professionals and modern technology, the company works to solve the complex challenges of water scarcity and quality, productivity, environment and energy.

As a service provider, the French company is responsible for the operation, maintenance and servicing of all kinds of plants with solutions and services, including evaporative cooling plants. In the case described below, Suez is not only responsible for the technical equipment and maintenance of the plant, but also for on-site technical service in the event of system downtimes or process malfunctions.

In the area of evaporative cooling systems, chemical biocides are used to disinfect the cooling towers. The use of biocides is necessary to free the interior of the cooling towers from naturally accumulating legionella and to disinfect the cooling water. The gamma/ L solenoid driven metering pump from ProMinent has been used for years to dose the chemicals. SUEZ employees who check and adjust the settings of the pumps on site to ensure the hygienic operation of the evaporative cooling systems, have been exposed to high risks during every operation up to now.

More efficient service processes thanks to remote access to all pump data

SUEZ WTS France has decided to rely on the intelligent gamma/ X metering pump with integrated Bluetooth module, which enables remote control of the pump using the DULCONNEX Blue app. Employees only need an Apple or Android-based mobile device (smartphone or tablet) and the free app.

With this app, service technicians can easily control the gamma/ X pumps from a safe distance and thus have central access to all data of the connected devices: e.g. calling up current performance data, adjusting settings in real time, regulating delivery rate and dosing quantity. This is a great advantage in industrial application areas with difficult-to-access pumps or high security measures.

Before using the gamma/ X, SUEZ first had to set up an action and safety plan in the event of a service call and have it approved by the operator of the evaporative cooling plant before a service technician was allowed to access the plant. On site, the service technician had to identify himself, register at the plant and put on suitable protective clothing. Only then was access to the evaporative cooling plant granted in order to read out and manually record the pump values and settings. After leaving the plant in an appropriate way, the manually recorded data still had to be transferred into a digital report.

Additional safety thanks to Bluetooth connectivity

SUEZ WTS France now uses the gamma/ X metering pump with Bluetooth function for the safe and precise dosing of biocides in evaporative cooling systems. The operating and maintenance processes for serviced plants could thus be significantly reduced, saving time and costs.

By switching to the new solution, SUEZ WTS France saves up to 60 minutes per service call. The technician drives close to the factory building and, after authentication from the car, can establish a secure connection to the pump via his mobile device. He accesses the pump values and settings via app and exports all relevant data into a digital report at the touch of a button. The entire creation and approval process within the framework of an action and safety plan in coordination with the plant operator is no longer necessary.

Generally, in any application where hazardous chemicals are processed, pumps should be equipped with an appropriate safety cover to protect employees, as making changes to the pump settings or viewing the current performance data in these applications is associated a high safety risk for the service technician. Thanks to the above solution, this risk can be reduced and safety can be increased for every employee. Switch over and benefit from the advantages of smart pump control with DULCONNEX Blue in combination with the gamma/ X pump.

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