Tantalizing Thailand – holiday on a dream island

A breathtaking view of the sea, utmost enjoyment and benefit of exclusiveness, as well as pure luxury from A to Z, and all this on a private island in Thailand. Pure luxury and exclusiveness, that is, anything the heart desires - except potable water. However, ProMinent has the solution: a reliable system to remove salt from sea water.

Exclusive and extravagant

The international company group, Jumeirah Group, from Dubai, which specialises in luxury hotels, again and again sets benchmarks with spectacular, superlative buildings as, for example, with the Burj al Arab, which is not only a landmark of Dubai but also the tallest hotel in the world.

So a few years ago it commissioned the Asian TGR Development Co., Ltd., which is experienced in this field, with the development and execution of a highly exclusive luxury resort on a Thai island privately owned by it.

The Jumeirah Phuket Private Island Resort offers numerous beach front mansions with sea views in the middle of a tropical garden, countless restaurants and a first-class spa – and has also become the destination for the rich: this island can only be reached by helicopter or boat. The resort boasts its own marina with 100 moorings – naturally with space for super yachts. Despite its fantastic location a mere 500 m north west of Phuket, the planners faced a serious challenge: providing the guests and employees with impeccable potable water.

Only the very best

For several reasons, the construction company decided to execute the water treatment system with ProMinent Fluid Controls Thailand Co., Ltd.: its many years of experience and outstanding references on the Thai market, first-rate product quality and excellent customer service.

In the Jumeirah Phuket Private Island Resort, which was opened in 2011, a reverse osmosis system Dulcosmose® of the SW type is used for the desalination of sea water. This system works according to the membrane filtration principle, has a capacity of 500 m³ potable water per day and with over 99% desalination, it achieves a phenomenal removal of salt. Additional metering systems for disinfection, flocculation, chemical processing and pH correction are also part of the overall system delivered. Together with proven and tested measuring and control technology by ProMinent, reliable DULCOTEST® sensors take over the monitoring and surveillance of all process parameters.

Self-sufficient and safe provision of potable water

ProMinent's state-of-the-art water treatment system primarily ensures that wealthy guests are able to enjoy luxurious comfort and convenience on this beautiful private island. Not only does ProMinent supply a sufficient amount of the desired potable water but it is also of top quality. Furthermore, the fully automatic system is easy to operate and works extremely precisely. However, cost effectiveness is also a strong argument for the system: the luxury resort is completely independent from the public water supply and saves significant operating costs as no potable water needs to be transported to the island in a costly and time-consuming manner.

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