Level Measurement

The smart way to measure

Liquid level sensors measure the exact fill level of a medium in real time, informing users of the current tank content at any time. Tanks can therefore be topped up in good time and the process continues to run smoothly. Storage processes can be improved too, thereby cutting costs.

There are various technologies for measuring levels including radar technology, which offers many benefits. The media is measured without any contact, even when using plastic tanks, and is therefore safe even for hazardous media. Radar sensors can measure any liquid media, there are no limitations whatsoever.

Be it in water treatment, the chemical, food or oil and gas industry, radar level measurements deliver precise and reliable results and provide a smart and safe way of monitoring and controlling liquid levels.



Radar Level Sensor DULCOLEVEL

With the new radar level sensor DULCOLEVEL, your chemical inventory management is child's play. more

Your benefits

  • Seamless integration into ProMinent systems and ProMinent pumps (at present gamma/ X - in the future gamma/ XL, DULCOFLEX DFXa, sigma/ X)
  • The Bluetooth connection makes simple retrofitting in existing systems possible
  • Pump and tank values can be accessed from anywhere in the world via a secure IIOT platform (DULCONNEX Inventory Management)
  • Meet all compliance standards by means of 24/7 reports on media consumed (DULCONNEX Inventory Management)

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