Pneumatic Metering Pumps

Goodbye to electrical components

The pneumatic diaphragm metering pump is used wherever there is no available electrical power. The compression stroke is provided by compressed air applied to a diaphragm, which drives the PTFE-coated metering diaphragm. The suction stroke is provided by a spring-loaded force. The pump capacity is determined by the stroke length and stroke rate. Typical applications include animal feed treatment, paint spraying and car wash systems and fertiliser metering in horticulture.

Why we love it

When there is no available electrical supply voltage, our air-driven pump provides an excellent alternative. It achieves stroke rates of up to 180 strokes/min. Its spring-loaded valves are also suitable for higher-viscosity media, making it a very versatile solution. It is available in PVDF and stainless steel.

Pump Guide

The choice of pumps is huge: 80 industries, 100,000 products and infinite applications. To make it as easy as possible to find your ideal metering pump, ProMinent designed the Pump Guide. All it takes is a few clicks to find a selection of suitable models.

How it works

First enter the pump capacity and back pressure. The Pump Guide will then show you all the metering pumps that match your criteria. You can choose between list view and detail view. The database contains all solenoid-driven metering pumps, motor-driven metering pumps, process metering pumps and peristaltic pumps from ProMinent. They are divided into more than 30 different product ranges.

Exactly the right pump

Narrow down your search by clicking on different selection criteria. Do you have a specific industry, operating mode, medium or viscosity in mind? Or maybe you need a pump for zones at risk of explosion? The Pump Guide will take you to the pump you need with just a few clicks.

Directly to the Pump-Guide


Pneumatic Metering Pump Pneumados

Capacity range 0.76 – 16.7 l/h, 16 – 2 bar

The metering pump Pneumados has a pneumatic power end and can be used in places without electrical supply voltage, with suction stroke performed by spring force. more

Your benefits

  • No electrical supply voltage needed
  • Material version PVDF and stainless steel
  • Stroke rate of up to 180 strokes/min
  • Spring-loaded valves for higher-viscosity media

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