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ProMinent also offers standard tanks for chemical storage and transfer. However, if you have specific requirements ProMinent can supply tanks to a wide range of specifications, including custom designs. The perfect addition: chemical transfer pumps and peristaltic pumps, which can be used for metering tasks in many applications with nearly every possible pump capacity.

Safety and more

Liquid chemicals are metered in many different areas and applications. Storing these chemicals is getting more demanding all the time. Firstly there are safety aspects to consider, as laid down by law (e.g. WHG in Germany), and secondly storage costs need to be kept as low as possible. ProMinent offers tanks and collecting pans ranging from 35 litres to 25 m3.

Certified company

Of course we can also supply tanks and collecting pans constructed to meet your specific requirements. ProMinent's tank production facility is certified as a specialist company in accordance with WHG § 19 l. We also hold the general building authority approval Z-40.21-229, which entitles us to manufacture cylindrical storage tanks with an approval mark.


Dosing Tanks

Capacity 35 – 1,000 l

PE storage tanks produced in a rotation process. ProMinent metering pumps, suction lances and stirrers can all be added. The stackable PE collecting pans are available in matching sizes. more

Your benefits

  • Environmentally-friendly storage of liquid chemicals
  • Robust and durable: made of sturdy UV-stabilised PE (polyethylene)
  • Scale for litres and US gallons
  • Simple to install: sintered threaded sockets for fixing ProMinent metering pumps on to storage tanks
  • Safe storage: If the contents are not needed, a screw-on lid keeps them tightly secure (push-on lid for 35-litre storage tank)
  • Flat sides to secure the storage tank

Storage Tanks

Useful capacity 500 l – 50,000 l, indoor and outdoor installation

Our plastic storage tanks guarantee compliance with statutory specifications taking into account country-specific approvals, which regulate the production and operation of systems for storage and metering or environmentally-hazardous substances. more

Your benefits

  • Excellent process reliability of the products, thanks to 25 years of experience in the engineering and production of plastic storage tanks.
  • Wide diversity of installation components and storage tank accessories
  • Selection of a suitable material after testing its chemical resistance and process-specific requirements.
  • Excellent manufacturing quality by the use of state-of-the-art plastics processing machines

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