Bad weather doesn't get in the way of the best potable water!

Heavy rainfall? Spring melt water? A real challenge for providers of potable water in southern Germany. An investment in a modern UV system is a sound choice: safe water disinfection and consistently high water quality.

A quality investment

The administration union in southern Germany supplies over 20 villages and hamlets from six municipalities with additional water from an underground reservoir in Alttal to the south of St. Blasien, black forest. The homes of almost 26,000 people are connected to three deep wells via a total of 40 km of pipes which supply them with around 500,000 m3 of potable water a year.

The administration union has been continuously investing in its systems for several years to ensure high potable water quality even in bad weather, such as heavy rain or spring melt waters. This is further hampered by the need to efficiently disinfect the potable water as laid down by law without impacting on its smell or taste - and to do all this without the addition of chlorine at a flow rate of around 200 m3/h.

Key figures

  • 3 deep wells, 40 km of pipes
  • Annual supply of 500,000 million cubic metres of potable water to 26,000 people
  • Chemical-free disinfection with UV system Dulcodes Z

Chemical-free and efficient disinfection

Since late 2009, the Höchenschwanderberg municipal water supply's water works have been using a seven-lamp UV system Dulcodes Z to guarantee optimal potable water quality at all times. The UV system, certified in compliance with the requirements of DVGW Test Regulation W 294, is used downstream of the filtering and hardening stages. It uses a chemical-free method to treat the potable water with ultraviolet light. High-performance low-pressure lamps Opti-Flux with special amalgam technology, which are not temperature-dependent and have a long service life, are used.

The reliable UV system also monitors lamp ageing and contamination of the lamp protection tubes. The level of disinfection and changes to the water quality are continually monitored by DVGW-certified sensors.


  • Safe water disinfection even in bad weather
  • Constantly high water quality, odour-free and tasteless
  • Minimal maintenance and low operating costs
  • Smooth and fault-free operation

»The Dulcodes Z is one of the most reliable systems we have in operation. It is characterised by its extremely low maintenance requirements and low operating costs. The system guarantees safe and reliable water disinfection as well as an odour-free and tasteless water quality.« -  Andreas Denz, Water Master with the administration union for municipal water supply in Höchenschwanderberg

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