A good solution to sticky problems: two-component adhesive

The ProMinent plant in Malta has shown how useful it is to have the expertise you need in-house. The plant needed to find a way to precisely meter two adhesive components with very different properties.

Resin and hardener: only mix once!

In the Maltese ProMinent factory, glass probes of pH sensors are glued to plastic housings. A two-component adhesive that reliably withstands high temperatures is used for the job. As soon as the two components, the hardener and binder, come together, the setting process starts. The adhesive is only workable for short periods so has to be mixed in small quantities. What's more, the resin, which serves as the binder, is around 100 times more viscous than the hardener – in practice this is like trying to homogeneously mix juice and treacle. The task therefore was to be able to precisely meter small quantities of both and thoroughly mix them.

Key figures

  • Mixing of two-component adhesive in the smallest of quantities
  • Homogeneous mixing of a very viscous component with a very liquid one
  • Metering and mixing system with two solenoid driven metering pumps delta®
  • Programmable control for user-friendly adjusting of the metering parameters

Easily and reliably mix the smallest of quantities

As ProMinent is home to some reliable metering technology, this task was easily accomplished with our own products. The result: a metering and mixing system, comprising two solenoid driven metering pumps delta®, one static mixer and one programmable control. The solenoid driven metering pumps delta®are perfectly suited as the controlled solenoid drive optoDrive® allows the quantities drawn in and discharged to be set with great accuracy: the mixing ratio is 1:12 and both adhesive components are added to the mixer in millilitres in an almost continuous flow. And the mixer can be replaced with ease and cleaned and reused if necessary.

It sticks – with maximum efficiency

  • Reliable: exact and reproducible metering, even for the smallest of quantities
  • Flexible: the metering system is mobile and ready for use.
  • Safe operation: optoGuard® monitoring detects blockages, cable breaks and gas bubbles.
  • Saves on costs and raw materials: only the amount needed is mixed, the right mixing ratio is guaranteed.
  • Time-saving: the adhesive no longer needs to be mixed by hand.
  • User friendly: easily adjustable metering parameters, large illuminated LC display

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